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art exhibition from H. Avni Oztopcu



Çağdaş 1985
Mine Sanat Galerisi - Mine Art Gallery 2016
 sayı / issue: 28



Çağdaş 1985
Mine Sanat Galerisi - Mine Art Gallery 2014
 sayı / issue: 19



KURGUSAL MEKAN 1989 “I want to create an imaginary space which has its own unique life. This imaginary speculative space is not a life that we’re familiar with. But he, in the meantime, brings to life same kind of inclinations inside us and we swing back and forth, like a pendulum, between closeness and strangeness. This imaginary space, against the all the chaos around us, gives us the opportunity to save each shape from it’s randomness, approach the absolute values and find the peace in the visual world.”

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25 Mayıs 2020